"Dale, I enjoyed your 08 Cab tonight with an Indonesian Beef Curry. It brought back memories of enjoying your 08 around 3 years ago. Today it appears more deeply aromatic and perfectly balanced. Red wines with lesser pedigree often display their original flaws in bolder ways with age, most often elevated VA, unresolved or depleted tannins, or faded fruit. Your wine shows none of these faults. It is a perfectly made wine approaching maturity. If you have any more of your 08, don’t hesitate to cellar it for at least a few more years. Tannins now are not sturdy, but velvety, suggesting an optimum drinking window of, perhaps, five years. Ten years for a Central Coast Cabernet is a commonly espoused standard. Right now it’s truly delicious!" 

May 31, 2018  Alan Boehmer, Wine Writer and Author


Thank you Alan!