Sian has been quite involved in our wine business since we started making wine when she was 8 years old.  She contributed to our initial label designs, was involved in our annual harvests since 2005 and helped with our multiple bottlings where she was needed to place the capsules on the bottles, to the point where we pulled her out of school.  Her walks through the neighboring vineyards educated her of the growth cycles of the different varietals.  Sian has even stomped on the grapes to make some tasty Cabernet Sauvignon sorbets!  

Growing up surrounded by grapes and various bottles of wine at the dinner table, Sian can now offer her knowledge of our award-winning wines to the public.  After 12 years of discussions about wine and being quizzed about the various varietals, as well as drinking wines in Europe and Bermuda with a lower drinking age, Sian is well versed to represent our wines in California and to our Bermudian market.  Congratulations Sian!